Welcome to the third day of our 10-day Lights, Camera, Action devotion guide. Today, let’s take a look at Pirates of the Caribbean.

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-24

Lights: “Son, I’m Captain Jack Sparrow, Savvy.”

One of the most iconic Disney franchises over the past decade has been Pirates of the Caribbean. When we look into the “Pirate code,” which is really just guidelines more so than actual rules, we find that for a ship to be sunk properly, the Captain should be sunk with it.

Jack Sparrow is in constant pursuit of getting his ship back, the Black Pearl. As a matter of fact,  the entire first movie is about him using people like Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann in order to get his ship back from Captain Barbosa and his crew who committed mutiny against him and left him on a deserted island.

When we look at history and entertainment we find that pirates are constantly in pursuit of worldly possessions. Many of them are after the treasures of the uncharted world, such as in the fourth installment of the series where the gang seeks after the fountain of youth. Many of them are after possessions owned by others, which explains the raids and pillages seen throughout the series.

Actually, if we look at history, British officials actually used pirates to steal goods from the Spanish government, in many cases, through the “East India Trading Company,” so it wasn’t just the pirates that were seeking worldly riches. It was the British and Spanish too, many of which claimed to be CHRISTIANS!

Camera: While there is nothing wrong with worldly wealth, Jesus in the book of Matthew warns us about storing up riches here on earth.

Just like Jack Sparrow was all about protecting what was important to him and storing up his wealth, we can be the same.

What happens when we do that? Well, we become selfish, prideful, and forget about what matters. Don’t spend your life chasing the latest trends, styles, or technology. While all of that stuff is great, if we are not careful, it can overtake our life.

Action: When we care about the things of this world more than our relationship with Christ, we cannot truly say that we are following God. Here are some signs that you may have gotten off track.

Do you want to be in church? One of the biggest signs of a Christian being off track is that they don’t want to be in church. How are you going to ever grow in your relationship with Christ if you aren’t around people who are going to build you up?

Can you truly say you would give up anything to follow Christ? Think about your most prized possession or even a relationship in your life. Would you be willing to get rid of it in order to follow Jesus. The young rich ruler (Matt. 19:16-22) was not and, because of it, he was turned away from Jesus.

Is there anything that has gotten you off track? Do you value a possession, a relationship, a job, an activity, or anything else over your relationship with Jesus. Do you spend more time with that person or activity then you do with God? If so, something very well may be off track.

Reflect on these questions today and spend time asking God what He may want you to sacrifice in order to follow Him.

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